Let My Professional And Highly Talented Team
eCom Affiliate Stores For YOU
Pre-Loaded With
100 Hot-Selling Products

That Have Sold 1000’s Of Units Already While YOU Sit Back And Generate

HUGE COMMISSIONS Directly Into Your Bank Account

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100 Highly Profitable Done For You Stores

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We don’t want Instant ProfitStores to ONLY make you money as quickly as yesterday… But we also wanted it to ULTIMATELY create Multiple Streams of Income for you.

…so, my team and I have decided go to an extra mile to create a set of 100 DFY stores in the currently BOOMING niches for you… We do ALL The
Hard-Work While You Get Affiliate Commissions Hitting Your Bank Account From Multiple Stores At The Same Time!

You Can Consider This As Our New Customer Appreciation GIFT With Highest Market Value.

The Instant ProfitStores team of highly talented and experienced designers, copywriters and marketers are going to create 100 stores pre-loaded with 100 hottest-selling products as of this very moment.

ALL These 100 Stores Are Built Keeping

THREE Key Points

That Guarantee Profits

They Look

They Are
With Products
That Sell Instantly

They Have The
Perfect Product Descriptions

Succes Stories

How Much Can You Make

With These?

Let’s be realllllly conservative here… and base our evaluation on the worst case scenario…

Let’s say you make just $100 per store per week.

With 100 DFY Stores, you’ll end up with
$10,000 in your account… and that’s $40k a month/$480k a year.

However – These Stores Are

Not Ordinary Stores

These Stores Have Exclusive Designs

The stores that my team has created for you have designs that are mesmerizing and literally force your visitors to buy from your stores.

These designs are exclusive because they are designed only for Instant ProfitStores (DFY) Club members.

The designs are carefully selected and positioned to get high conversions.

Based On The Latest Market Trends

The marketers in the team have years of experience in the eCom industry.

They know the market and observe the trends very carefully.

Instant ProfitStores (DFY) Club members need not worry about what’s new in the market.

The team monitors the latest trends and hottest styles in the market.

And it then helps our designers capture the mood of customers online…and finally, they help select products that are to be listed on the stores.

7-Figure Copywriters Write The Content

The product descriptions are written by seasoned copywriters.

They know how to play around with words and make your customers see the specific benefits a particular product presents that make it stand out.

And now they are writing content and product descriptions for you…the Instant ProfitStores (DFY) Club members.

Now, Knowing How Thorough My Team
Was In Building These Stores…
… I Am Sure You Would Like To
Revisit The Numbers

Let’s still not go overboard and keep ourselves grounded.

How about just $500 profit per store every week?

That’s 50 X $500… $25,000 per week and $100k a month/ $1,200K every year.


This Is Limited To 50 People Only

This Is Limited To 50 People Only

Take A Look At

What Early Adopters Make
With Just ONE Store…

There’s ANOTHER Way To Make


With These 50 Stores

Sell them.

Yes – you can sell each of these stores easily between $997 to $5k and keep 100% of the profits.

Look at this… The income opportunity is too huge to be ignored… YES, we’re doing exactly what we preach… Below is one of our numerous juicy listing on Flippa.

Listen up! There are a lot of people that would happily pay that kind of money for a full-fledged store that is ready to make them profits right away.

During this special launch – we are giving away FREE Commercial Rights for each of these stores.

Sell them and make the bank instantly.

Now Just In Case, You Still Don’t See

The Kind Of Opportunity
Being Presented Here…

Picture This:

Let’s say you have 50 stores,

And they all end up generating a weekly profit of $50

That is 50 * $100 = $2,500

Note: There is no way All the 50 stores will generate only 50 bucks/ week profit for you. That’s because we are going to ONLY import products that are currently selling like hot cakes.

That makes it certain that a good number of your stores are going to perform extremely well irrespective of any other factors.

So, Really… The Income Potential Is Truly Unlimited

Now, With just about 100 products in each store, packed with detailed descriptions, plus a bunch of real customer reviews… your store can easily get ranked for all kinds of longtail buyer keywords, bringing in free passive traffic every single day!

And because you’re attracting real buyers who are searching for specific products that your store is promoting… it’s DEAD EASY to turn those visitors into sales and
easily hit $500/week on a store!

Now imagine if you double your efforts you could
start generating $1000 per week from this army of affiliate stores, totally hands free.

TAKE NOTE: In the future, you can as well decide to sell each store between $2000 – $5000 and keep the entire profit to yourself.

So… take this offer seriously if you want to own 100 profitable stores that generate

These stores are like real estate properties that would be worth so much more in the future, and with Instant ProfitStores you’re not paying any monthly or yearly hosting fees.

Everything Is Completely Free.
The Ball’s In Your Court.

No-Risk. Money-Back


There’s no doubt you’d be thrilled to see the amount of profits you’d be making with these DFY stores.

You may be new to this eCom industry – and may, therefore, feel a little unsure about the profit-making potential here. (although Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma were quite sure!)

I want to make you completely comfortable before you jump in… So, I am offering you a full refund guarantee
if you decide to cancel your purchase today within 30 days.

I Don’t Show You How It’s Done, I Actually Put My Skills Where My Mouth Is And BUILD


We Are Limiting ‘DONE FOR YOU’ To 50 Spots Available ONLY!

Activate Your Special

Only 13 Done-For-You Packages Left! - Act Now Or Miss Out Forever!

We Are Limiting THIS Offer To 50 Spots Available ONLY!
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Price Increasing In…

50 DFY Stores

100 DFY Stores

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